Training Assessment and Competence Examination Methodology for Management System Professionals

George Anastasopoulos


This paper describes the methodology and validation process of an e-based online or a manually provided examination (assessment tool) developed exclusively to examine Management System Auditors’ ability to demonstrate required personal attributes. The attributes were determined following extensive national and international research on published national and international standards. The developed examination is not a 'go/no-go' evaluation. It indicates where an applicant may experience difficulty in terms of demonstrating specific attributes and should be considered in relation to other competency Management System Auditors examination methods of skill, knowledge and qualification. The test development was financed and developed by STAREGISTER International Inc. and is already utilized by third Personnel Certification Bodies for certification purposes. It can also be used by Management Systems Certification Bodies and other Organizations for the selection and development of their auditors. It provides for the definition, measurement and examination of personnel attributes specifically targeted at Management System Auditors. This paper describes the methodology and numerical results of the following processes:  Identification of Personnel Attributes;  Test Characteristics;  Test Design and Verification;  Confidence Level and Reliability Calculations;  Test Design Validation Methodology and Numerical Results;  Equivalence Study and  Test Reporting


Certification; Auditor; Personal Attributes; Management Systems; Accreditation; Validation; Internal Auditor


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