Key Drivers for Successful Safety Management System of Construction Activities in Abu Dhabi Emirate

Munjed A. Maraqa, Abdel-Mohsen O. Mohamed


In 2009, the Abu Dhabi Emirate issued Decree 42 for development of the Emirate Environment, Health and Safety Management System across all sectors including the Building and Construction (B&C) Sector. All entities in the B&C Sector are expected to implement their developed systems by 2020 as part of their operational activities. In this study, challenges that could be encountered for a successful safety management system (SMS) in the B&C Sector in the Emirate were identified and potential opportunities that may arise were highlighted. The key drivers for successful SMS implementation were categorized into six major aspects, including organizational, stakeholders’ involvement, and technical, financial, procedural, and external. The different factors within each category were explored with reference to previous studies as well as the existing conditions in the Emirate. For successful SMS, leadership and management responsibilities should be clearly outlined and the tools necessary to implement the Emirate safety policy should be provided. Moreover, profound changes in safety cultural norms and accountability among employers and employees are required keeping in mind that successful Emirate-wide implementation of SMS will not be easy; several challenges as well as opportunities will arise.


Abu Dhabi EHS Decree, Building and Construction Sector, Safety Management


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