Assessing Sustainability of Employee Suggestion Schemes: A Case of an Organization from the United Arab Emirates

Flevy Lasrado, M. Arif, Aftab Rizvi


The purpose of this paper is to assess the sustainability of employee suggestion scheme of three organizations based in the United Arab Emirates. A framework has been used to assess the sustainability of the suggestion schemes. Based on the analysis of the three cases, five factors to assess the sustainability of employee suggestion scheme and the three stages of sustainability are discussed. The paper presents three cases and draws conclusions about the key practices necessary to foster sustainability of employee suggestion system. Through the case studies, several issues related to the sustainability of the suggestion scheme have been identified. The paper then presents a final framework that the organizations can apply to assess their suggestion schemes and to develop potential change strategies. The study findings reveal the importance of five factors and with more cases; future research can be reveal more practices. These could be further examined in relation to specific industry.


Suggestion System; Suggestion Schemes; Innovation; Creativity Management


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