World Peace and Values

Sarla Nirankari


The whole world is a cosmic family. Disregarding the color, caste, creed, language and sex; all are one. The oneness which is prevailing in the universe in various forms and shapes; is a matter of great awareness and realization. The human race has succeeded to cover millions of miles in few seconds but failed to subjugate the distance of neighbors. Why the discrimination with the fair sex continues incessantly even after the years of independence? Why can not the love, peace equanimity, cooperation and the feeling of oneness regulate the world? The author aver that Repercussions of the erosion of values are Loss of faith among each other, Intolerance for others’ faiths and beliefs, Blind race for money, Cut throat competition, Cultural lag, Universal brotherhood a far-fetched dream and Lack of compassion for humanity. The author also suggests some concrete practical measures related to enhancement that religious education could be from a methodological point of view a laboratory for an education for peace. Religion unites never divides, Common platform of various religions, No conflict for history, culture and rituals, the whole world one family and World peace utmost priori.


Oneness; Peace; Universal Brotherhood; Human Values; World Peace; Religions


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