Gandhiji’s Views about Education and Teacher

Sarla Nirankari


Modern education is hugely influenced by the great educationist Mahatma Gandhi. His concept of basic education intermingled by Satyagraha, self-reliance, practical implementation of truth and nonviolence has increased the viability of his educational philosophy. The object of higher institutions, which Gandhiji seems to look upon as the key stones of the new education is to train teachers. These institutions will be more than schools or colleges; they might rather be called convents, where the sacred fire of India will be concentrated in order afterward to radiate throughout the world. The rules that Gandhiji prescribes for the school of Satyagraha Ashram or place of discipline, at Ahmadabad his model institution, concern the teachers more than the pupils, and bind the former by monastic vows. He opined that teachers should be the role model for the students. If teachers are concerned about the true following Gandhiji’s philosophy the student’s world will automatically improve.


Satyagraha – firm insistence or Adherence on truth; Brahmacharya – the period upto 25 years for acquiring knowledge


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