The Harmony Society: Traces of India and Midwestern

Abhishek Gupta


Harmony in the family is the building block for harmony in the Society. Harmony in society leads to an undivided society. Having understood the comprehensive human goal, we are able to be in harmony not only with human beings, but also with the rest of nature. We are able to see that we are related to every unit in the nature and ensure mutual fulfillment in that relationship. To facilitate the fulfillment of the basic aspirations of all human beings in the society the comprehensive human goal needed to be understood are right understanding in every individual, prosperity in every family, trust and fearlessness in society and their co-existence with nature i.e. a relationship and complementarities among all the entities in nature. It will be necessary to develop appropriate systems and programs to cater to the five salient dimensions of human endeavour that are to be shaped and implemented in society i.e. Education, Health, Justice, Production and Exchange. The foundational unit of orderly living of human society is the family and the final destination is the world family. Living in this order, we are able to plan for the need of physical facilities, the availability of natural resources and the role of human beings in ensuring the need at the level of planet.


Human Goal, Human Endeavour, Universal Human Order, Cyclic Production Process


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