Advent of American Missionaries in India

Delphin Prema Dhanaseeli


This paper describes the advent of American Missionaries in India during the period of East India Company. India filled with social evils like sati (self-immolation of widows on husband’s funeral pyre), thugee (organized robbery), and female infanticide and caste discrimination was ruled by East India Company which adopted religious neutrality principle. The Christian revival fire from England spread to America and several students of American Colleges came forward to go on a mission to countries like India for proselytizing the Gospel. The American board, ABCFM had sent missionaries to India who reached Calcutta. But due to the American war of Independence the missionaries could not establish their work. But two of them with many difficulties started their mission at Bombay leading to Maratha Mission. Later, the missionaries who established the Jaffna Mission at Sri Lanka also visited Madurai in South India where Tamil is spoken. This led to the establishment of American Madura Mission through which the American missionaries did medical, social and educational services for the upliftment of depressed classes and women.


Christian Mission, Bombay, Jaffna and Madurai


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